Monday, April 20, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's time again for Not Me! Monday. Check out MckMama's blog and keep baby Stellan in your prayers as he has surgery tomorrow.

Here are some things I did not do this week (not that I'd like to admit, anyway).

I was not completely thrilled after my chiropractor appointment when I was told I could come back in a MONTH! Yeah, baby! It seems like I've been going every 2 weeks since I was in a car, yeah! I was excited. I mean, not excited!

Thinking that my Tuesday could not have gotten any better after my chiropractor appointment, I was not ready to shout from the rooftops after the physical therapist said I could go down to once a week....and then maybe every 2 weeks....and then I'll probably be done! Yeah, ecstatic does not begin to describe my sentiment.

I did not bring my junior and senior high class outside to do school work. I also did not award myself the coolest teacher award.

While playing bowling on the Wii with my niece Samantha, it was not me who intentionally got 2 gutterballs on frame 10 so she could win. It also was not me who did not remember that I had a strike in the 9th frame, so my score was higher than I thought it would be. I did not beat her by six points. OOPS! She did not lament to my sister Erin, "Mom, how did Auntie Heather beat me? She got zero points at the end and I got 9 pins down. I don't know how she won."

It is definitely not me who has the cutest, most adorable nieces and nephews in the world. And of course, I'm not biased in ANY way!

I did not chase my nephew Ryan around the house when he was supposed to be settling down for bedtime. When he's squealing, laughing, and giggling, who can resist?

As my sister Erin mentioned in her Not Me! post, we did not take pictures with us three sisters, and no, we did not bring ourselves and our mom to the point of tears because of all the laughter. I also will not decide to post a couple here, even the silly one.

When I looked at my blog minutes ago, I was not excited to see MckMama as one of my recent visitors at my blog, although I guess it could have been someone else who linked to if from MckMama's website! Still praying for Stellan (and that is something I'm for sure NOT ashamed to admit)!

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ben and erin said...

awww... i love the post. so many fun things this week!