Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read an update on Stellan, who was discharged from the hospital today.

This week I did not get 4 and a half hours of sleep before I headed to convention with my students. In order to ensure my students were at the school on time, I did not tell them to be there 15 minutes earlier than they needed to be. AND, all three of them were not late!

Before heading to convention, it for sure was not me who printed out 15+ pages of maps, and upon arriving in St. Cloud, I did not realize that mapquest can make mistakes and it would not have been better for me to rely on my memory of driving around St. Cloud during my college days. Oh well, we didn't get TOO lost.

After getting home from convention where we had a couple days of 80 degrees, I did not get back to the school to find SNOW on my car! So much for spring being here.

Being the "professional" bowler that I am (not really), I was not the one who lost bowling on the Wii against my niece Samantha. It was really fun, and she was not completely elated when the final score was posted, proclaiming her the winner.

On Saturday, I did not go to Wal-Mart with my sister Erin, only to leave for an hour and return for another hour of shopping. Nope, there's no way I would ever think to go to Wal-Mart more than once in a week, let alone twice in one day. I did not get a cheesy gift from Erin (which I did not pick out, but she decided to pay for it), and I will not be doing a blog post about all my tacky gifts sometime soon (read my sister Becky's post about cheesy gifts).

When my preschool kids came in today, they did not ask me, "Miss Heather, can we have nap time today?" I was not in complete shock after hearing these words!

In my preschool class today, when I told the kids that Stellan might come home soon, it was not one of my students who said, "And then do we get to see him?"

Knowing that my sister was travelling today, I did not call her cell phone after I heard that Stellan was out of the hospital.

When I got home from work today, I did not go downstairs to find 2 of my sister's William Joseph CDs right where I had left them. After ripping them onto my computer last night, I did not forget to give them back to her before she left for home today. OOPS! I will not be making a stop at the post office tomorrow after work to get them back to her ASAP!

So there you have it...there's a few things that I did not do this week. Go ahead, fess up on some of your not-so-proud moments. It's really fun!

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ben and erin said...

i would've been all up for naptime! hope you're having a good tuesday! love ya!