Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday

Here I am, 2 for 2 this year on Not Me Mondays!

I'm so glad this was started on Mondays, and not Fridays. Mondays are bad enough, but there's something to look forward to...reading everyone's posts for Not Me Mondays! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride (that's kind of a funny phrase when I think what I'm going to write about).

While trying to find Dyson III (click here to read his story) in the fish tank on Tuesday, I did not flip over the molded plastic decoration to try to find him. And I definitely did not poke him with the fish net to make sure he was alive. (He was.) Then on Wedensday in class, when I could not find him again, I did not repeat my actions from Tuesday (in front of my preschool class) to see if he was alive. A lesson I did learn this week... just leave Dyson alone. He's fine. When he's dead, you'll see his skeleton floating in the fish tank. I wonder Will there be a Dyson IV?

On Friday, I did not attempt to take 6 very excited preschoolers outside to play in the snow. The temperature was near zero, but I did not think to myself They're Minnesotans. They can handle it! After looking at the fun time the kids were having, I did not decide to join them in sliding down the hill, even after seeing all the bumps and jumps on the trail. That would not have been smart for me, since I have a history of back problems, so I definitely did not slide down the hill twice. (It was really fun!)

On Saturday, I did not have to set an alarm for 9:45 to make sure I was up by then. I did not wake from a sound sleep at that time and wonder where I was and what that terrible noise was! While watching Marley and Me, I did not spend the last 1/2 hour of the movie bawling, and I definitely did not have a huge headache for 2 hours because I was trying to hold back the sobs. (It's about a dog, for goodness sake!) After watching that movie, we did not exit the theater only to enter again to see Bride Wars.

When putting stuff away from Christmas, I did not find the box of Alaska souvenirs (from last summer!) and spend an hour looking at them when I should have been finding a home for them. Why is it that when trying to clean, you have to make an even bigger mess by putting stuff in piles, or is that just me??

Today on my way to school, I did not start off my Monday by getting hit by another car. Seriously, I know I drive the Earth's first microscopic car, but really, am I invisible, people? This was the second time this week--in the same 1/10 mile of road--that I was almost hit. Well, okay, today I wasn't almost hit. I was hit! After the crash, my first thought wasn't to call my dad. (Thanks for coming, Dad!)

So there you have it...a brief look at a few things I did not do this past week.

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ben and erin said...

lol... i was cracking up at the world's first microscopic car! can we look at it under the microscope sometime?! :-) glad it wasn't worse. hope you have a great tuesday. love ya