Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. It's great fun and it's cheaper than therapy!

Here are some things I for sure have not done this week.

I did not hear that we were supposed to be getting a bad ice storm, so the thought did not even in the littlest way cross my mind that maybe we wouldn't have school. I did not have the same thought on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I definitely, absolutely did not wake up disappointed three days in a row.

My dad figured out my taxes this week, and when he told me it was good news, I did not dare to hope that I only had to pay in $100 this year. I was not completely ecstatic to find out that I don't have to pay anything. I did not scream when he told me I would actually get money BACK this year. I did not have it in my head that I would be happy with $10, only to find out that I was not getting almost $400 from federal. YAY!!!

Before Valentines day, it was not me who made 12 boxes of finger jello to bring to school on Friday. That would have been WAY too much red dye and sugar, so why would I have subjected myself to the hyperness (is that a word?) that would result? After mixing up that much jello, I for sure wouldn't take a picture, would I?

At school, I did not give my preschoolers candy at 9:00 a.m. And when contemplating whether or not to frost the cupcakes, I did not decide to put frosting in small cups and let 4 and 5-year-olds have the joy of doing it for themselves.

Friday was the day before V-Day, and I did not let my junior and senior high students "play" all afternoon. We did not play musical chairs, eat cake, and line up dominoes ALL afternoon.

Since there is no school today, because of Presidents' Day, I did not set my alarm to get up and go to my sister's house. Why in the world would I set an alarm on a day I didn't have to go to school? I love to sleep, and there's no way I would ever, not-in-this-lifetime set an alarm if I didn't have to be up early. And if I did set my alarm, there's no way I would ever get up as soon as the alarm went off. Isn't that what "snooze" is for? Why would I want to get up as soon as the alarm went off? That is definitely not something I would do.

I am not sitting here watching my mischievous nephew try to get a package of pins, while my sister Becky keeps moving them away from him. I am not secretly cheering him on, hoping he can be successful. I would never encourage my nieces or nephews to disobey their parents, no matter how adorable they are. No way. I'm a great auntie and an even better sister.

Well, that's just a few things I haven't done this week, and I can hardly wait to see what doesn't happen to me this week. Check out other Not Me! posts here.


ben and erin said...

go micah! i hope you get the pins too. and if you do, just think of me scolding you and making you cry like i always do!

wv: oustiblo

in my best australian accent:
CRIKEY! look at that volcano, mate. it oustiblo sometime!

Wayne said...

Great not me! Mondays I thought your not me's was very amusing keep em coming