Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

What a great way to start the week! It's time for Not Me! Monday again! Check out MckMama's blog to read what others have not done this week. But read mine first!

After my mental block a couple of weeks ago (read post here), I for sure did not decide to start this post a week ago, so I wouldn't forget things to write.

Even though I was sick last weekend (click here for the Not Me! story), I did not decide to go to work when I should have taken a day off. I absolutely did not have a fever all day and I was not counting down the minutes until I could leave school and take a nap.

After surviving the day at school, I did not leave school at 3:07 p.m., just seven minutes after the final bell rang. Nope, not me. I stayed for staff meeting, end-of-the-day routines, and even working a little extra for tomorrow. That's me, right? I would never leave school so early.

Driving home that day, I definitely, absolutely did not turn on the air conditioner in my car because I felt like I was burning up, even thought it was only seven degrees outside. That would be a great way to catch a cold, right? So, no, that is not something I did.

I did not get into my pajamas immediately after getting home Monday, and when I looked at the clock, it positively, definitely, for sure did not read 3:57 p.m.

During The Bachelor, my sister and I did not call each other at every commercial to talk about the things that were happening, and then hang up abruptly when the show came back on.

This week I did not sit and watch "Lady and the Tramp" all the way through. If I had watched this movie, I most certainly would not have done so without any children watching it with me. I would never, ever choose to watch a Disney animated movie by myself. That would be weird, wouldn't it?

On Friday, I did not wake up late and have just enough time to jump in my car to get to school by 8:00. Because of that, I would never have gone to school in my pajamas. How embarrassing would that have been? There's no way I ever would have done that...unless it was "Pajama Party" day in preschool...which it was!!!

On Sunday, I for sure did not finally win a game of Upwords (probably the first this year), and one of my words definitely was not "quoth." (Anyone Edgar Allan Poe fans out there?) After winning, I for sure did not call my Grandma in Alaska to tell her. Spend long distance minutes to gloat? No way, I would never do that!

Well, there's a few things I definitely, for sure, absolutely, never would have done this week. Check out some other Not Me! posts here. Join the fun...tell the world what you have not done this week!


ben and erin said...

haha... i forgot about us calling during the bachelor. i wonder what's gonna happen tonight...?

and i totally forgot you had pajama day. when i was reading that i was thinking, "seriously? did she really go to school in her pajamas?!"

Angela said...

It is definitely ok to watch a Disney movie by yourself otherwise I would NOT do it too! I so need a pj day at my work oh just like.....everyday!

Pam D said...

A friend and I both would get on Facebook during the American Idols tryouts.. we had a whole "Siskell and Ebert" thing goin on. Real time, no phone needed. You might want to try it for The Bachelor! I hope you're all better after being sick.. I think the germs have found a special batch of steroids (or Monster drink, or SOMETHING) because they're everywhere this year! Blessings...

Kameron said...

In high school my BFF abd I would call each other during commercials between 90210. Oh, thanks for that funny flash back!! :o)

A day in the Life... said...

lol I can NOT believe that you went to preschool while you were sick! Just like I would NEVER send my kids to school sick ;)

Jessica said...

I love that you and Erin call each other during the bachelor! =) I can't wait for next week!!