Saturday, February 14, 2009

6/52 Photo Challenge

Why in the world someone chose February for taking pictures of flowers, I'll never know. But, that's the topic for this week's photo. I guess that's what makes it a challenge.

Since flowers aren't really abundant right now, I decided to head to Wal-Mart. Since all the flowers are out in the middle of the main aisle, I decided to pick up a bouquet and find a less-conspicious spot in the store. In the middle of the pajams section, this is the picture I snapped. I had fun playing around with my editing program, so let me know what one you like best.

The Original





Damp Watercolor

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ben and erin said...

ooooohh pretty! i like the watercolor one. i'll have to try that sometime!

wv: ousio

my pronounciation: oww syoh

in my best chinese/indian accent, "ousio family doing?"

ben and erin said...

oh man... this wv is great! nopacemb. this is another word for saying "no problem."

A day in the Life... said...

I like the watercolor the best! Great pictures!