Monday, December 15, 2008

Winter Wonderland

A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walkin' in a winter wonderland...

It is definitely a winter wonderland here in northern Minnesota. The snowstorm is over and I’m enjoying a day off school. I woke up to bright sunshine and a beautiful, clear blue sky. Perfect for picture taking I thought. Now to battle the cold. I laced up my boots and trudged through the fluffy snow, in drifts over my knees. My eyes were watering because of the cold, bright day, and my tears started to freeze! The fresh air felt good, though. It’s so beautiful with the sun beaming down and making everything glisten like diamonds. It looks like a scene from a Christmas card.

Some things I experienced while outside for a few minutes:

The chickadees were at the feeder again,
storing up food for insulation against
the cold, -10 degree weather.

The bright sun created beautiful shadows
stretching across the blanket of untouched snow.

My mom was busy shoveling snow around the house,
and I caught her having fun... no explanation necessary.

Beautiful ripples in the snow were evidence
of the wind from this storm.


ben and erin said...

oh it's sooooo pretty!
okay... mom definitely needs a prettier looking bird feeder. i know it didn't look that bad when we gave it to her!
yeah whatever she was shoveling around the house. i saw no evidence of a shovel. she was probably playing the whole time and letting dad shovel! (at least that's what i woulda done!) hehe! love ya mom.

Heather said...

i was thinking the same thing about the bird feeder. but aren't the chickadees cute??? :) did samantha like the picture of mom? :)

Jessica said...

Wow, those are beautiful pictures! Love the pic of your mom making a snow angel!! =) hehe