Monday, December 15, 2008

Not Me Monday...

Well, it's Monday again, and here are some things I did not do this last week.

Since it's only December, I did not request time off for April, when I won't be going to The Phantom of the Opera with my sister in Kansas City. I don't know what I'm doing tomorrow, so I definitely would not plan ahead and have anything scheduled for 4 months from now!

After the way my students practiced for the school Christmas program, I did not consider not showing up Thursday night. (By the way, they surprised me and did a great job at the program. Now why can't practices go that way?)
With the program done, on Friday I did not let my class goof off and make glitter Christmas ornaments and construct a gingerbread house all afternoon, especially with the amount of work they should have done before Christmas vacation.

Friday after school, I did not leave at 3:13 p.m. to go to Wal-Mart to fight the crowds. Everyone was stocking up to prepare for the big storm coming. I had to get pictures from the one hour photo center so I would have something to work on for craft night. When my friend arrived, she did not come in the house and tell me she'd locked her keys in her car, before she got any of her stuff out. To preserve the precious craft time, I did not pile 3 of us in my dad's truck to drive 15 minutes to get her keys and come back (Craft night was fun, by the way).

Seeing the storm that was ragin on Sunday, I did not hope we'd have school because I wanted to do fun projects with my kids at school. Why would a teacher do that? Don't I know the unspoken rule for teachers in Minnesota--we LIVE for snow days! After watching the news and discovering that school was cancelled for today, I did not stay up until 2 a.m. working on Christmas presents, and I most definitely did not sleep until 10 a.m. today!

Seeing the beautiful snow outside this a.m., I did not trudge through snow drifts over my knees to take pictures.

Since I don't have school today, I'm not being lazy and I definitely am not waiting until it's almost noon to take a shower! (Don't you love SNOW DAYS!)


ben and erin said...

you didn't do a lot of stuff this week! and hey... where are those snow pictures? i want to see real grounds for closing school instead of our 1.5 inches that usually brings on the snow day! ttyl

Heather said...

keep reading...snow pictures are coming!

Jessica said...

It should be illegal to NOT want a snow day! I will take yours if you don't want them... =)