Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer's Here

It's been busy month since I last blogged. I guess that's to be expected with the end of the school year approaching. Now it's officially summer, and it's time to catch you up on the last month. My to-do list seemed to grow by the minute. You know... pictures to take, DVD slide shows to make, cakes to order, decorations to buy, kids' books to assemble, butterflies to release, parties to plan... the list could go on. There were many late nights (or rather, early mornings) just trying to squeeze everything in. I managed to finish everything on time and the parties were a lot of fun, although I was extremely exhausted at the end of the week.

Then when the dust settled, I was left with many happy memories of a great year. Yes, there were stressful times, but overall, we had a lot of fun. It was such a joy to see the excitement in the kids' eyes as they discovered a new toy or the pride in their smile as they showed me their latest art project or handwriting. And listening in on their conversations? Wow, I could probably write a book of cute kids' quotes!

I was showered with gifts at the end of the year, great reminders of the precious students I had this year. Several gift cards (who doesn't love those?), a yummy candle and much-needed CHOCOLATE, a brightly-decorated terra cotta flower pot which all the kids from my afternoon class signed, an adorable Caribou Coffee mug and tea set, yummy-smelling lotion and shower gel, a pretty butterfly stained-glass box, and gorgeous flowers flowers flowers! I just had to take pictures because they're so beautiful. Don't you agree?

Yes, summer's here, and even though I have things to do at school yet (moving to a new classroom, arranging furniture, dreaming of decorating possibilities), I am enjoying a break from hectic schedules and long working days.


jaclyn said...

yay for summer vacay! any vacation plans?

ben and erin said...

yeah, any vacation plans? like down south? i mean, you've been out of school for a week and you're still not down here! :-)