Saturday, February 6, 2010

Things I have done during my lifetime...

I saw this on Facebook today, and since I haven't blogged all week, I thought I'd borrow this so you have something to read in the wee hours of the morning when you have insomnia. (Bold items are things I have done.)

* * * * *
  1. Gone on a blind date
  2. Skipped school... During my first year of college, my friend and I went shopping when our Spanish class was canceled. Upon our return to class the next day, the teacher said, "We missed you yesterday." It was my first (and only time) skipping class. I thought I would die. Years later, I wish I would have skipped class when the Harlem Globetrotters were in town. I'll always regret not seeing them. How important was that drug class anyway?
  3. Watched someone die
  4. Been to Canada... I live so close, I could almost walk there!
  5. Been to Mexico
  6. Been to Florida... I flew in to Orlando, but didn't get out of the plane. Does that count?
  7. Been to Hawaii
  8. Been on a plane... See #6.
  9. Been on a helicopter
  10. Flown in a glider
  11. Rafted the Grand Canyon
  12. Been lost... I was traveling late at night to join my parents for a weekend of camping. I completely missed a turn, ended up on dirt logging roads, and had no idea where I was. My mind started playing tricks on me, and I thought for sure I'd have to spend the night in the car and figure out where I was in the morning. I was completely lost for over an hour, and as panic started to set in (especially when I thought about how my parents would be worried), I came around a corner and saw them standing on the side of the road, at the entrance to the campground. To say that I was completely relieved is a definite understatement.
  13. Gone to Washington, D.C.
  14. Gone swimming in the ocean... I can't say that I've technically been swimming, but wading in the Pacific Ocean in Oregon and Costa Rica... hopefully that counts.
  15. Cried yourself to sleep... Who hasn't?
  16. Played cops and robbers... Believe it or not, even though I grew up with two younger sisters, I have played cops and robbers.
  17. Recently colored with crayons... I teach preschool. Need I say more?
  18. Sung Karaoke
  19. Paid for a meal with coins only... When you're a teenager, what else do you have?
  20. Been to the top of the St. Louis Arch... Incredible view!
  21. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't... Student teaching. I almost didn't major in early childhood education because I was scared to death of student teaching. But I'm glad I did. It was one of the best experiences of my life!
  22. Made prank phone calls
  23. Been down Bourbon Street in New Orleans
  24. Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose... My sisters are Becky and Erin. Enough said. Especially when playing Balderdash!
  25. Caught a snowflake on your tongue... Plenty of opportunity for this in MN!
  26. Danced in the rain
  27. Written a letter to Santa Claus
  28. Been kissed under the mistletoe
  29. Watched the sunrise with someone... On my last night in Costa Rica in the spring of 1994, some friends and I stayed up all night talking and we say the sunrise over the city. Beautiful. I also saw the sunrise from the airplane when I went to Alaska in the summer of 2008.
  30. Blown bubbles... Oh yeah! And did you know that at -20 degrees Fahrenheit, they shatter?
  31. Gone ice-fishing... Dad and Grandpa Lutterman picked me up from school one day to go ice fishing. We drove for a while and when we reached the lake, we parked the truck and got on the "snow machine (Grandpa's term for a snowmobile). In the middle of the lake, we set up five-gallon buckets to sit on, drilled holes in the ice, and waited for the action to happen. I don't remember how many fish we caught, but the thing that stands out in my mind is the homemade handwarmer Grandpa made. Empty coffee can + roll of toilet paper + kerosene = toasty warm hands. Ahhh, good times!
  32. Gone to the movies... First movie memory? Bambi.
  33. Been deep sea fishing... Oh yes. Halibut and salmon fishing in Alaska.
  34. Driven across the United States
  35. Been in a hot air balloon
  36. Been sky diving
  37. Been hang gliding
  38. Gone snowmobiling... See #31.
  39. Lived in more than one country
  40. Lay down outside at night and admired the stars while listening to the crickets... Erin and I laid outside and marveled at the northern lights. Beautiful display of vibrant colors. I'm sure there were crickets chirping, but that's not exactly what I remember from this experience!
  41. Seen a falling star and made a wish... Yes, but if I told you, then it wouldn't come true, right?
  42. Enjoyed the beauty of Old Faithful Geyser... Incredible display of thousands of gallons of water shooting 180+ feet into the air every 90 minutes.
  43. Seen the Statue of Liberty
  44. Gone to the top of Seattle Space Needle
  45. Been on a cruise... Does a week on a private sailboat in Alaska count?
  46. Traveled by train
  47. Traveled by motorcycle
  48. Been horseback riding... Yes, and one time I flew off the horse and landed on my back on a rock. Hmmmm. I think that was the last time I was on a horse.
  49. Ridden on a San Francisco cable car
  50. Been to Disneyland/World
  51. Been in a rain forest... Costa Rica and Wrangell, Alaska. Two completely different locations, but rain forests nonetheless.
  52. Seen whales in the ocean... Up close and personal. They were diving under our boat in Alaska. Incredibly breathtaking!
  53. Gone swimming on the Great Barrier Reef
  54. Been to Niagara Falls
  55. Been to Stonehenge
  56. Been to the Vatican
  57. Ridden on a camel
  58. Climbed Mount Fuji
  59. Ridden on an elephant
  60. Been swimming with dolphins
  61. Been to the Olympics
  62. Walked on the Great Wall of China
  63. Seen and heard a glacier calf... Once again.... completely AWESOME!
  64. Been spinnaker flying
  65. Been water-skiing
  66. Been snow-skiing... I tried cross-country skis once. And only once.
  67. Visited Westminster Abbey
  68. Been to the Louvre
  69. Been swimming in the Mediterranean Sea


Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

you've really never been to Disneyland?!?!? I can't fathom this... I know, I know, I'm a California girl but I still just don't understand how you could not have stepped through the gates of the Happiest Place on Earth?!? Sounds like you and Erin need to take a trip to Cali... and meet me!! :)

A day in the Life... said...

Thanks for sharing all the things you have done :)