Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Wow, time for Not Me! Monday already. How time flies. Visit MckMama's blog to read her Not Me! post, but I heard she's going to post later this afternoon because she has children crawling all over her. So, that gives you time to read mine first! :)

As I was cleaning at school this week, I absolutely did not unearth an entire shoebox full of Crayola markers. I actually knew they were there... it's just that my students hadn't used them in a while and they were buried under... yes, you guessed it... another package of markers. One of my students was there doing some work, and he did not completely ridicule me for having so many markers. A few minutes later when I moved to the desk drawer, it was definitely, positively, absolutely not me who found 11 MORE boxes of markers! And in another drawer? 4 more! I would never be the person to have 15 boxes plus a shoebox full of markers. Nope, not me!

I love coloring as much as anyone (as you can imagine from the marker confession!), and sharp crayons are the best, but does a person really need 12 boxes of brand new crayons? To go along with the 15 boxes of markers, I did not run across 12 boxes of crayons, all stacked neatly next to my markers. I now have--I mean don't have--27 boxes of coloring tools. I will not buy any markers or crayons when school starts. Will I?

On my way to a baseball game this week, I decided to stop at Taco Johns and get sopapillas and something to drink. The guy at the window did not ask me, "Any hot or mild sauce today?" Hmmmm. No I think I'll just take the cinnamon and sugar on that. Thanks. I know it's probably habit, but I was crackin' up, I mean not crackin' up, about that one!

Speaking of baseball games, I decided to be supportive and go watch one of my students play baseball on Wednesday night. It was a beautiful night and once I had my sopapillas (minus the hot sauce), I headed for the field. Seeing there was only one game being played, I walked around looking for anyone I knew who would also be at the game. After a few minutes and finding no one, I called to see what time he played. 7:00 PM. Okay, then why did he tell me it was at 5:00? No, I did not show up 2 hours early for the game, and when I checked my calendar (you know, that thing where you write appointments and things you need to remember?), I did not have "5:00" written on the schedule. I am not losing it!

I've always felt sorry for those people who are paid to stand on the side of the road waving a sign, dressed up like a stupid character. Is that really in their job description? I guess if it gets people to come to the store... but still. I wasn't too surprised to see someone waving a sign for Arby's free food on Wednesday. Dressed in a hula skirt and... um... a coconut you-know-what, I guess people's attention was grabbed. But at second glance, I did not see that it was a guy. Even with shorts and a t-shirt on, could they really not find anyone else willing to do that? Maybe they're short on help.

Because I have been sick this week with fever, chills, headaches the size of Alaska, and feeling just plain crummy, I should not have been surprised that I was a little off. On one such morning, I did not get my morning routine mixed up with my going-to-bed routine. Case in point: Open contact case. Check. Pour out old solution. Check. Take contacts out. Ouch! What? That's my eye, not a contact! I did not dump out my solution and contacts into the sink. Thankfully they didn't go down the drain. Pick them up and rinse them off. Check. Put them in my eyes. Check. Enjoy 20/20 vision for the rest of the day... until I took them out! Check.

After reading my sister's comment about this post, there is no way I would have gone back to search for an address on a certain mailbox. And I definitely did not park on the side of the road pretending to talk on my cell phone, waiting for all cars to pass so I could take a picture of this.

This weekend I travelled to southern Minnesota to photograph a friend's wedding. After the rehearsal dinner/picnic, another girl and I travelled 10 miles to a nearby "town" to our motel. Now I've had people act less than professional, but this situation takes the (wedding) cake. Since we arrived "late" at night, we had to ring a buzzer for the attendant to come to the window. And what a sight that was! A scantily-clad older woman straggled to the window. She was not wearing a very short bathrobe (and only that) that wasn't even tied at her waist. She did not have to type with one hand because her other hand was occupied with holding her robe closed! I did not have to step away from the door to stifle a laugh. Thinking It doesn't get much worse than this, we got our key and walked the 15 feet to our room. When I went to wash my face, I was not almost scalded by the hot water. Adding "cold" water didn't help the situation... in fact, I think it got hotter. After letting the "cold" water run for a while, I did not find that it was just as steaming as the "hot" water. We did not stay in a room that had NO cold water... but they did have wi-fi (which I wasn't able to connect to!). You have to love small town America!

Saturday was rainy and cloudy all day, so I wasn't able to do pictures outside, but we managed inside. It was a beautiful wedding, and a great chance to reconnect with friends we haven't seen in a long time. Congratulations Forrest and Christina!

As I wrap up this not amazingly-long post, there is absolutely no way on this earth I just remembered I had a chiropractor appointment an hour and a half ago. Nope, as you all know, I always check my schedule and know EXACTLY where I'm supposed to be and when. No early baseball games or missed chiro appointments for me!!


ben and erin said...

wow! soooooo many thinks NOT cracking me up!

let's see... the taco john's guy... the arby's guy (what's with THAT?!)... the contacts lol... the toiled road (yea! thanks for the pic)... and the robe. HOLY COWS! if you woulda gotten a picture of that i woulda peed my pants!

hope you're feeling better!

Heather said...

i'm crackin' up at some of your words, erin. you musta typed in a hurry!

"toiled" road

sorry, i'm NOT going back to that motel for a picture of "robe woman"!

Ace said...

You know you'll totally forget about all 27 boxes and buy more markers and crayons before the next school year. I'd forget anyway!

Heather said...

yes, ace, i hate to admit it, but i'll probably be starting a not me! post next august something like this...

after finding 27 boxes of crayons and markers last may when school was done, you'd think i would have remembered NOT to buy more. buy who can resist a sale??? and the smell of new crayons? yes, i think i need therapy!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Yes! Toilet road? That is the best road EVER!
Okay, 15 boxes of markers? That almost beats my 24 boxes of crayons and 15 boxes of colored pencils. Um, teachers stash much? We can't help it, can we!?

Heather said...

yes, sara, the 15 boxes of markers are in addition to the probably 20 boxes that are in the shoebox.... i LOVE buying school supplies! :)