Sunday, September 11, 2011

Annual McCarthy Beach Camping Trip

Here are some pictures from our annual camping trip to McCarthy Beach State Park. We had gorgeous weather and a wonderful week with family.

This Erin's cell phone, attempting to recover from an accidental swim when Erin swamped the canoe ten minutes after we arrived at camp. I can't even believe that no one had a camera handy. She was somewhat of a celebrity, as we heard from fellow campers that "a girl swamped a canoe earlier today." The only injury was her cell phone... well, and her pride. Needless to say this will definitely be a topic of conversation for many years to come.

Mom and Becky in the "kitchen"

The girls in the "dining room"

Micah and Ryan at their table

Samantha and Natalie enjoying the campfire

Watching movies in the camper

Makin' dough doggies

A gorgeous night for sending up lanterns into the sky

Micah and Ryan getting ready for a boat ride with Papa

Samantha and Natalie get a turn

Callie and Ashleigh fishing with Chris and Ben

Ben the mighty fisherman

Chris with his big catch

They kept us well supplied with fish

Games, games, games...

One of our favorite reasons for loving McCarthy Beach is the little gas station that has hard ice cream cones. We made the half-mile hike a daily ritual.

Callie Nicole

 Ashleigh Rebecca

Samantha Ryleigh

Natalie Christine

Ryan Aidan

Micah Christopher

Tyler James

Cousins hangin' out

Samantha and Natalie

Ryan and Micah with their favorite activity--TRAINS!

Tyler and Natalie

Erin and Tyler

Ready to go swimmin'

It's a yearly tradition to build a sand castle on the beach. When they started this year's masterpiece, we overheard words such as vision, essential, critical, level.... Yes, our sandcastle building is serious business!

The girls were in charge of building the moat around the castle.

The finished product--looks like a northwoods bear sphinx pyramid

Ashleigh's art as we were packing up camp...
Goodbye McCarthy Beach State Park
 See you next year!

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Jess(ica) said...

Very cute pics! the kids are getting so big!

But what stuck out to me the most was Ben's "grandpa" shirt LOL!