Thursday, May 12, 2011

My week in numbers...

* this was supposed to post yesterday, but blogger was down...*

10... years ago today that I graduated from St. Cloud State University

150... days since my last blog post

19... number of times I have looked outside to see the brilliant green on the trees... and smiled!

14... days remaining in this school year

3... number of DVD slideshows I have to create for preschool graduations

2,583... pictures I have to sort through for said slideshows

78... temperature I loved yesterday

14... minutes it took to sunburn the part in my hair

23... number of students who couldn't wait to play outside

61... number of dandelions in the bouquet my students brought to me

29... hours until I experience my first Twins game at Target Field

127... number of pictures I hope to take at baseball game

1... days until I get to see my good friend from college!!

1 comment:

{jaclyn} said...

yes! i could stare out at the spring green all day too. and preschoolers with dandelions - precious.