Friday, November 5, 2010

The Buck Stops Here

It's deer hunting season eve. It's the time when avid, die-hard hunters are sharpening their knives, checking their guns for the umpteenth time, packing lunches, snacks, and hot cocoa for a day in the woods, telling tales of "The Hunt of 1957" (or some other magical year), and dreaming about that trophy buck.

I am not a hunter. I have never donned the brilliant blaze orange apparel required for a day of hunting. Never once have I sat on a teeny tiny deer stand to freeze my extremities. I have never experienced the pride and joy one gets after bagging their first deer.

Until last night.

Traveling home after a ladies' dinner at my church, I was less than a quarter mile from home when I spotted a car on the side of the road. As I passed, I spotted a dead deer behind the car. A big deer. I wondered if the driver needed help, so five minutes later, Dad and I were back at the location but the car had gone. Dad checked out the deer and found that it hadn't been dead too long. A nice, big buck with both antlers broken off. (I have yet to go back and check the ditch to see if I can find them.) After a few phone calls (thanks to a tip from our neighbor), I was speaking with a conservation officer, getting permission to take possession of the deer. They are mailing me the license tag. Me--the non-hunter. I made the call... I get the deer!

So, here's my hunting claim to fame. I can't guarantee I'll ever have another deer to pose with, no need for a taxidermist any time soon. Like it or leave it, I got my deer with no blaze orange, no license (until it arrives in the mail), no bullets, no gun, and no smashed car!

I think this picture is hilarious! It looks so sneaky or something. Almost like Dad and Uncle Eric were gutting a deer before the season opened or something.

 Getting ready to hoist it up.

  My trophy buck!

Happy hunting tomorrow to all you real hunters. Be safe!


erin said...


Chare said...

Same thing happened to us a week or so ago! Only ours was a yearling doe. Congrats on the big "hunt"!!!

erin said...

oh, and congrats!

Bob Benson said...

Heather the mighty deer slayer!!!!! Or at least the mighty poser next to a deer! :-) Great deer story though! That's the way I want to get a deer!!

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Katie said...

Very Nice Deer! Good kill :)

Laura Darling said...

Haha what a funny story! Congratulations though!

Jess(ica) said...

Sweet! That's awesome! So its safe to eat and stuff?