Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Ugly Duckling Transformed

Tonight as I traveled over the river and through the woods toward home, it was the over the river part that completely thrilled me. As I crossed the bridge, I glanced at the water as is my usual custom, and I spotted what appeared to be floating white blobs. I quickly turned the car around and headed toward the public access, all the while thinking Those better not be buoys I'm seeing.

I was not disappointed.

As I slowly pulled in to the public access, I had a wonderful view of eight graceful, elegant, beautiful swans gliding on water as smooth as glass. The calmness of the water created wonderful reflections in the fading light.

After spending thirty minutes with these amazing creatures, the fading sun brought a chill to the air. I headed for home, thankful for this incredible display of the beauty of God's creation.

Which showed not even a hint of being a transformed ugly duckling. Wouldn't you agree?


ben and erin said...

cool! love the reflections in the pics!

A day in the Life... said...

Those are Beautiful :)