Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not Me Monday Tuesday

Okay, here it is... my procrastination post that should have been posted yesterday. But other priorities got in the way and I just plain did not have time to finish it.

Last week, I was not completely shocked when I saw this van. I was making a quick stop at Goodwill to check out their preschool games, but I was not sidetracked when I saw this van pull into the parking lot. Brand new van, I might add. The license tabs were January, so this van must have been purchased only a couple months ago. I did not see drink cups, bags upon bags upon more bags piled to the ceiling of the van. I was not thoroughly baffled as to how this lady found a place to sit to drive this van. I was not bummed that I'd left my camera at school. Oh, I have my phone. Maybe that will work. I did not try multiple times to get a shot through the windshield, so I didn't have to be obvious. With the sun blazing through the window, it was difficult to get a distinguishable photo. Realizing that I had to go to extreme measures, I did not turn on the camera mode on my camera and step outside my car. So I didn't look like an idiot, I did not pretend to be talking on my phone as I took some pictures. Of course, I was not talking out loud, carrying on a conversation with no one.

Mission accomplished. I entered the store and as I began my search for games, I did not overhear a store employee ask the van lady, "Oh, is this your first time here today?" Hmmm.... so that's where all those bags came from....

As I grabbed a quick bite to eat in the Burger King drive thru, I was not completely embarrassed by what I heard. And it wasn't even for ME to be embarrassed about. There was one car ahead of me, filled with what appeared to be teenagers. Now, I've never worked fast food, so I don't know if this is a common occurrence, but these teens were not extremely obnoxious as they ordered. They were rapping, saying their order very quickly, and then said, "Did you get that?" to the girl on the other end. Then they would turn around and look at me and just laugh. The BK worker came back with, "I'm sorry. I guess I must not be a very good listener. You'll have to repeat that, and speak in a normal voice." These kids did not proceed to order as they were before, rapping and speed-talking. After this went on for a couple minutes, they finally said, "Did you get that??? Thank you." and then they sped off.

When I approached the ordering window??? Not a female voice that greeted me. I'm sure she got an early lunch break or something! That day I did not develop a new level of respect for fast food employees.

Well, it wasn't a whole lot to wait for, but at least I have a blog post for today this week! Visit MckMama's blog to read more Not Me Monday posts!


ben and erin said...

ha! i can't believe you were talking out loud carrying on a conversation while taking pictures on your phone.... too funny!

A day in the Life... said...

ha ha! What would you have said to her if she had caught you? On a side note if her vehicle looks like that what do you think her house looks like!?!? I think she needs to be on hoarders.