Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Me Monday

Oh, don't you just love Mondays? No, I'm not suffering from an illness... Who wouldn't love Mondays because it's time for Not Me Monday! Check out MckMama's blog to read more.

A while back, I wrote this post about an upcoming contest. Well, Saturday was not the big day. My Etsy shop was not featured on MckMama's blog. Since I've been waiting for this for a long time, it certainly was not me who didn't even read her post until my sister told me about it. I was not on my way to bed, and I did not stay up for another hour and a half to read the comments. In the few hours after posting, there were not 331 comments, and as of today, the grand total was not 1034! I did not read EVERY SINGLE COMMENT. I am not super excited about the possibilities that could come from this type of promotion. Thanks, MckMama!

After reading this post, one would think I've learned my lesson when it somes to cooking a certain Italian dish. That is why there is absolutely, definitely, not-in-this-lifetime even a slight change that I would have given into the temptation to purchase a package of that delightful tube-shaped pasta today. I will absolutely, definitely, bet-your-bottom-dollar, NEVER EVER make m@#$*&%^! again. And if I do happen to make it anytime this week, you can be sure I'm not going to let anyone know when I'm making it. (And by the way, if any of you happen to feel the slightest bit under the weather this week, please do my self-esteem some good and don't tell me!

Well, since it's nearly Tuesday, I better get this posted, so I guess that's all for this week. Happy Monday!


ben and erin said...

ok, so WHY can't we make macaroni?! :-)

enjoy.. i'm sure you'll be fine!

Annie said...

i saw that post on mckmama's blog! how exciting!

Ashley @ {Let Go, Laughing} said...

congrats on being one of mckmama's giveaways! that is so exciting!!

A day in the Life... said...